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Order immediately for all tom logisch solutions you will need in 2021 – The prices of raw materials – especially metals, copper and plastics – have risen considerably over the past few weeks. Prices have increased up to 30% for many commodities (e.g., PEHD for tank construction) and considerably higher for metals such as brass, copper and duplex stainless steel. As the price increases are due to high demand, they are also associated with delivery

tom logisch wins the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2020 for the third time in a row. Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach recently honoured tom logisch with the BraIn Brandenburger Innovation Award 2020 in the field of plastics and chemistry for our aquonic® water generators.This is the seventh time that the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics has organized this competition, and our solutions have now been among the prizewinners for three consecutive years. Tom logisch was selected by an