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For any tom logisch solution to function properly and permanently, annual maintenance is required. Maintenance is also mandatory to keep the IMO certification of any enteron wastewater treatment plant.

We offer inspection and maintenance within the scope of a service and maintenance contract. In addition, tom logisch grants a warranty extension of one year for any of our solutions, with each scheduled inspection and maintenance execution.

Have you bought and installed any tom logisch solutions via our shipyard partners? First-time registration is required to benefit from our yearly service and maintenance periods. Shipyards currently do not provide our service and maintenance contracts.

Annual maintenance includes all materials, small parts and wearing parts for our aquonic® watermakers and enteron® wastewater treatment plants. By concluding our service and maintenance contract, you minimise the risk of follow-up costs. Spare part costs are usually incurred in cases of frost damage and blockages due to waste, wet toilet paper or insufficient flushing water. If tom logisch carries out your annual maintenance, the warranty period for our solutions is extended by an additional year – even in cases of commercial use.

  • The current maintenance costs are 435.00 EUR net.
  • For aquonic® solutions, the service will be charged according to the actual effort.
  • Travel expenses are 0.85 EUR/km.
  • If you accept a service and maintenance appointment suggested by tom logisch, the payment for travel is reduced to a flat rate of 55.00 EUR net.
  • Additional work hours for the maintenance of our solutions will be charged at 115.00 EUR/hour. We will request your permission before performing additional work.
  • Statutory VAT (currently 19%) is charged on all maintenance costs.
  • Direct payment is made after services and maintenance are performed.

Last updated: 01 Aug 2023

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