Watt&Sea® – The new generation of hydrogenerators

watt&sea at a glance

Watt&Sea hydrogenerators have transformed the way sailors manage their electricity onboard, completely minimising their diesel engine dependence.

Smart-energy management on board is an important prerequisite for setting sail in good conditions and not having to worry about the power consumption of the equipment on board. Watt&Sea® hydrogenerators offer an environmentally friendly solution for self-sufficient energy production on cruising and racing yachts.

The hydrogenerator is mounted at the stern of the ship and generates energy without loss of travel and is almost completely noiseless when driving or under sail.

Several years ago, the first hydrogenerators from France also appeared among cruising boats, and now numerous yachts are equipped with it. This system produces energy when sailing without loss of journey time and is almost completely silent. The generated energy can operate our aquonic® watermaker, for example.

We supply the right generator for your energy needs together with a hybrid controller, to which our high-performance photovoltaic modules can be connected directly and without additional components. For cruisers, we offer the generators in 300- or 600-watt versions with long and short shafts, and for a higher energy demand or for regatta yachts, we provide you with an individual offer and solution design.

tom logisch has also specialised for many years in the installation of accessories of all kinds exclusively made of stainless steel by us and guarantees you finding the right design for your yacht.

key benefits

Watt&Sea hydrogenerators

  • Watt&Sea® hydrogenerators are usually mounted directly on the stern of the
    sailboats using the supplied mounting kit.
  • Raising and lowering is carried out in the same way as with a pack blade.
  • Due to the high charging capacity, the unit can be lifted as soon as the batteries are
  • The high-quality controls make handling easy: the low-friction Antal® ring multiplies the applied force, while a clamping lug bracket holds the Watt&Sea® hydrogenerator
    device in position.
  • Different, high-quality and removable brackets are available – some of them have even been developed by us.
  • Assembly and installation by tom logisch