Superwind® – Professional wind generators

superwind® at a glance

We committed ourselves to the highest quality – and someone called it Superwind.

These powerful and particularly robust wind generators can safely run unattended, as the mechanical Superwind® rotor-blade adjustment automatically limits the power and speed in case of too-heavy wind conditions. An overload is therefore prevented.

As tom logisch has specialised in the construction and installation of all kinds of yacht accessories for over 20 years, we will find the right Superwind® fastening equipment for your yacht. We manufacture these solutions exclusively from seawater-resistant stainless steel in order to be able to individually design the Superwind® construction and deliver high-quality products.

Whether mast or stern mounting, we plan and manufacture the appropriate turnkey solution and connect it to your existing or new energy supply systems. We also offer the installation of a vibration damper, which eliminates vibrations directly on the Superwind® generator.
key benefits

Superwind professional wind generators

  • Quiet operation with high yield (> 1,200 kWh/a at 10 m/s average annual wind speed)
  • High safety even in storms due to rotor-blade adjustment
  • No overload possible
  • Over 30 years of manufacturing experience
  • Perfect customer service directly from the manufacturer
  • Assembly and installation by tom logisch