Hydrovane® – Your best crew member

hydrovane® at a glance

The Hydrovane Self-Steering Windvane is both a mechanical self-steering windvane for offshore sailboats and an emergency rudder.

With our Hydrovane® wind-control systems, we offer a combination of wind-vane control and an always-ready emergency rudder, suitable for every stern.

Off-centre assembly, even for modern yachts with bathing platforms, tailgates and catamarans, can be subsequently equipped. These systems are the first choice for many blue-water sailors today. tom logisch is also specialised in installations on large catamarans.

key benefits

Advantages of using Hydrovane Self-Steering Windvane solutions

  • Suitable for all blue-water yachts – for all yacht sterns and catamarans
  • Off-centre installation possible – for all modern yachts with bathing platforms
  • Emergency rudder ready for use at any time – a considerable safety benefit
  • Simple operation – ready for use in four simple steps
  • Independent rudder – no connection to the main rudder
  • No lines across the cockpit – therefore also suitable for hydraulic controls/centre
  • Adjustable wind vane for heavy yachts
  • Worldwide services + ARC services
  • Assembly and installation by tom logisch

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