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Die „boot 2023“ steht unmittelbar bevor – und wir sind natürlich wieder mittendrin.In Halle 10 Stand 10F31 finden Sie dieses Jahr unser Gesamtsortiment: Schenker® Watermakers (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-5 Wochen), Hydrovane® Windsteueranlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-6 Wochen), Watt&Sea® Hydrogeneratoren (Lieferzeit derzeit 8-12 Wochen), Superwind® Windgeneratoren (Lieferzeit derzeit 2-4 Wochen), enteron® Yachtkläranlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4 Wochen), aquonic® Trinkwasser-Aufbereitungsanlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-6 Wochen). Die offizielle Messepreisliste finden Sie ab sofort hier; Sie haben daher genügend Zeit, Ihren Messebesuch zu

'boot 2023' is imminent – and of course we are right in the middle of it again. This year, you will find our entire range in Hall 10, Stand 10F31: Schenker® watermakers (delivery time currently 4–5 weeks), Hydrovane® windvanes (delivery time currently 4–6 weeks), Watt&Sea® hydrogenerators (delivery time currently 8–12 weeks), Superwind® windgenerators (delivery time currently 2–4 weeks), enteron® yacht sewage treatment units (delivery time currently 4 weeks), aquonic® drinkingwater treatment units (delivery time currently 4–6 weeks). Because the delivery times for some product groups

tom logisch® not only knows the most important features of all offers on the market—we know all the characteristics and features. Also, we have more than 20 years of operational experience in the installation and application of our own tom logisch® solutions. 80% of tom logisch® yacht customers are on long voyages, and through our support for them, we know which products work smoothly and are of lasting durability and which are not. Also, numerous shipyards

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our assembly plans; we have sometimes been allowed to travel, but the owners of the yachts into which we were planning to install solutions have not; in some countries, it has been impossible to even enter the shipyards. We have therefore been forced to postpone or cancel individual installation dates. Wherever possible, we have offered assistance using German- or English-language video support instead, and most systems