Innovations from Our Partners

Schenker Watermakers

Schenker watermakers are not only available in different sizes and performance classes—they are now available in white. Fits perfectly in clean, light-coloured lockers.

As a direct importer, tom logisch® offers you brand new devices from 30 to 500 l/h in all voltage variants and price ranges that are common on board. From the standard system to the latest automatic model with touch display and automatic flushing, everything is included. Naturally, of course, with our advice prior to purchase, installation service on request and worldwide spare parts service.


watt&sea Update

In terms of products, watt&sea launched two new propellers: customers are increasingly confronted with sailing in seas of sargassum and are annoyed with watt&sea hydrogenerators, which, of course, we recommend you raise when the packets of algae are too large. These common-sense recommendations and cautions remain valid.

However, watt&sea has developed and tested these new propellers to help free up these clumps of algae. Two diameters are available: 240mm (ref. P-240-04) and 280mm (ref. P-280-04). Additionally, the blades are separated from the hub, which allows customers to change a single blade in cases of breakage.

As a reminder of recent developments:

  • The Mini 6.50 range was developed for Class boats. Each racer benefits from a 10% discount on the purchase of a pack with proof of Class membership. This discount is, of course, applied to your professional price.
  • The 6:1 hoist (in addition to the existing 4:1 hoist). Some boats have difficulties with the immersion/lifting handlings, and the 6:1 hoist (ref. PA-04-HS) will be more suitable for them. We are thinking of multihulls and certain racing boats, or so-called “fast” boats.
  • Let’s not forget the watt&sea Bluetooth mobile application available on Apple and Android. Equipped with a Bluetooth chip, the converters now allow the reading of energy production, the adjustment of voltages (in case of lithium batteries, for example), the recording of charge data (useful during a diagnosis of operation), the number of RPM and the temperature of the box. Delivered in the packs since the end of 2019, it is possible to update the converters not equipped by returning them to us (ref. MOD-BT / PPR 180€ TTC).
  • Finally, the watt&sea website has been reworked. The professional network map is now more user friendly. We invite you to locate yourself and to inform watt&sea if there are any errors in spite of the care they have taken.

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