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Die „boot 2023“ steht unmittelbar bevor – und wir sind natürlich wieder mittendrin.In Halle 10 Stand 10F31 finden Sie dieses Jahr unser Gesamtsortiment: Schenker® Watermakers (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-5 Wochen), Hydrovane® Windsteueranlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-6 Wochen), Watt&Sea® Hydrogeneratoren (Lieferzeit derzeit 8-12 Wochen), Superwind® Windgeneratoren (Lieferzeit derzeit 2-4 Wochen), enteron® Yachtkläranlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4 Wochen), aquonic® Trinkwasser-Aufbereitungsanlagen (Lieferzeit derzeit 4-6 Wochen). Die offizielle Messepreisliste finden Sie ab sofort hier; Sie haben daher genügend Zeit, Ihren Messebesuch zu

'boot 2023' is imminent – and of course we are right in the middle of it again. This year, you will find our entire range in Hall 10, Stand 10F31: Schenker® watermakers (delivery time currently 4–5 weeks), Hydrovane® windvanes (delivery time currently 4–6 weeks), Watt&Sea® hydrogenerators (delivery time currently 8–12 weeks), Superwind® windgenerators (delivery time currently 2–4 weeks), enteron® yacht sewage treatment units (delivery time currently 4 weeks), aquonic® drinkingwater treatment units (delivery time currently 4–6 weeks). Because the delivery times for some product groups

Für alle Wohnschiff- und Hausbootinteressenten haben wir ein neues Handbuch „Hausboottechnik“ verfasst. Wenn Du ein Hausboot für den Eigengebrauch kaufen oder selber verchartern möchtest, wird Dir unser Ratgeber viel Geld einsparen. In den letzten Jahren haben wir um die 300 Hausbootprojekte aller Größen- und Preisklassen europaweit begleitet, ausgerüstet und teils sogar mitgebaut. Wir haben also fast alles gesehen – unsere Erkenntnisse und Empfehlungen findest Du im neuen Ratgeber. Alle Fragen zum Rumpfaufbau, Energie- und Wassermanagement,

tom logisch® not only knows the most important features of all offers on the market—we know all the characteristics and features. Also, we have more than 20 years of operational experience in the installation and application of our own tom logisch® solutions. 80% of tom logisch® yacht customers are on long voyages, and through our support for them, we know which products work smoothly and are of lasting durability and which are not. Also, numerous shipyards

Many of our customers build their own houseboats and want to know the technical details of the equipment they are buying. With our experience in over 200 houseboat projects of all sizes, and thanks to our extensive network of experts, we can quickly and clearly answer all your questions, helping you avoid costly mistakes. You can also find help on our houseboat technical support group on Facebook, to which you are cordially invited: https://www.facebook.com/groups/411938283340210/

Our watermakers and wastewater treatment plants require winterization and frost protection, in addition to regular maintenance—especially when they are to be taken out of service for the winter months. Please be sure to notify us of your maintenance needs well in advance in order to save considerable travel costs through early planning and preparation. For our enteron® wastewater treatment plant, the following still applies: By carrying out an annual maintenance by tom logisch, the warranty period

The new exhibition season has just started and, unfortunately, there has been another cancellation—the Dutch 'HISWA In-Water' exhibition in Lelystad. However, we still expect other fairs to take place and are looking forward to the upcoming boot 2022. A first-look preview can be found at www.boot.de.